Grade 7 & 8- Multi grade Jyl Dittbenner


I am very excited to be a part of St. Casimir this year.  I've been teaching for 15 years now.  I am the 8th Grade Language Arts teacher as well as 6-8th Grade Math.  I enjoy artistic pursuits including drawing, painting, and pottery.  Recently I was chosen to paint one of Manchester's electric switch boxes (mine is on the corner of Granite and Commercial across from Fisher Cat Stadium).  This summer I was on African Safari.  I run, cycle, and row.  I look forward to working with all of you this year!


     I've planned lots of writing, reading, and critical thinking for my Language Arts students.  We've already started writing some personal pieces, as well as considering what makes a good student good.  8th Grade math is Algebra and we've jumped right in to some basic topics including variables and expressions, properties of numbers, and square roots.  7th Grade math is Pre Algebra.  We've been spending time with order of operations, exponents, and Algebra vocabulary.  In 6th Grade we are taking a look at place value, ways to write numbers, and introductory powers of 10.                            2015                         © St Casimir School  - Manchester, NH  

Miss Dittbenner:  


5th Grade Math - We have been refreshing our memories with multiplication and  division facts - working our way into multidigit division with decimals and zeroes in the quotient.  We are also working toward better understanding of word problems with problem solving skills.


6th Grade Math - We have just started a unit on factors and multiples, looking at prime factorization, and fluency with divisibility.  Students are increasingly challenged with word problems, and problems with higher order thinking including tables and graphs.


7th Grade Math - Students have been studying solving one step equations and inequalities, especially with decimals.


8th Grade Math - Students are developing fluency with multistep equations and inequalities.


5/6 - Science - This month we have been studying soil and how it is formed.  Students helped to plant Fall bulbs in front of our school, and also created soil profiles showing different layers of soil in our classroom. We are watching for results!  We also studied the History of Earth and are looking at individual dinosaur projects.


7/8 - Science -  We have been concentrating on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  We are moving on to the study of Human Body Systems this month.  We created a tectonic plate map, learned about the parts of a volcano, and saw how landforms are formed.  We built the Seaperch robots, and tested them out at the Radisson.  There were some technical issues that we have been working out.  We also built a can robot.  Next up Solar Car Bots!

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