Grade 7 & 8- Multi grade Jyl Dittbenner


I am very excited to be a part of St. Casimir this year.  I've been teaching for 15 years now.  I am the 8th Grade Language Arts teacher as well as 6-8th Grade Math.  I enjoy artistic pursuits including drawing, painting, and pottery.  Recently I was chosen to paint one of Manchester's electric switch boxes (mine is on the corner of Granite and Commercial across from Fisher Cat Stadium).  This summer I was on African Safari.  I run, cycle, and row.  I look forward to working with all of you this year!


     I've planned lots of writing, reading, and critical thinking for my Language Arts students.  We've already started writing some personal pieces, as well as considering what makes a good student good.  8th Grade math is Algebra and we've jumped right in to some basic topics including variables and expressions, properties of numbers, and square roots.  7th Grade math is Pre Algebra.  We've been spending time with order of operations, exponents, and Algebra vocabulary.  In 6th Grade we are taking a look at place value, ways to write numbers, and introductory powers of 10.                            2015                         © St Casimir School  - Manchester, NH  

Miss Dittbenner:  

We’ve embarked on a new adventure on the Junior High Level.  Two teachers, four classes, multilevels and individual attention.  I am responsible for 5-8th grade Math, and 5-8th Science.  I am teaching each grade individual math courses - 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th with the help of our tutor Mrs. Halbeck.  This week we begin our work with the Stock Market Game. 

For science we have opted for two courses - a 5th/6th course with emphasis on Earth and introductory Life Science, and a 7th/8th course with emphasis on Earth’s Structure and the Human Body.  As time allows other topics will be introduced.  All our students have taken a look at Earth’s history.  

7th/8th has concentrated on the spheres of Earth, and Rocks and Minerals.  We did a few experiments including growing crystals, planting lily pads and preparing for arrival of tadpoles, and watching how convection currents work.  Mrs. Kelley has been an invaluable resource in this area!  


5th/6th Science has studied landforms, mapping technology, and GPS vs. GIS.  We did some labs on landforms, and the grasshopper.  This month all science classes will begin work on building the Seaperch - an underwater ROV for which we received a grant.  We are excited to begin using tools!


5th Grade Math - Place Value, rounding with decimals, adding and subtracting multidigit numbers, and adding and subtracting decimals.  

6th Grade Math - Place Value, Order of Operations, Mental Math, and multiplying and dividing by powers of ten.

7th Grade Math - Introductory Algebra skills including order of operations, properties of numbers, finding patterns, and writing expressions.

8th Grade Math - Algebra including Order of Operations, solving one-step equations, and properties of numbers.

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