Grade 5 &6– Multi grade Melissa Reynolds

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I am very excited to move from computers to teaching 6th grade plus Science to 7th and 8th grade.  My husband and I have a son in college.  We have a dog and leopard gecko.  When I am not teaching I love to read and travel. I also enjoy attending sporting events. The 6th graders this year will be doing a fair amount of writing and learning how to write a well-written paragraph.  If you need to reach me please email me at Let’s have a great school year!!!


Mrs. Reynolds

   Grades 5/6 have been studying Ancient Egypt and made papier Mache sarcophagus masks.  In Writing the students are learning the proper way to take notes for a research paper.  We will be starting the book Holes in fifth grade and sixth will be reading the Bridge to Terabithia. 


Grades 7/8 is doing a reading unit on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  In Social Studies, we are studying American Government.  We had an election and Jianna Lora-Salazar won the Presidency.  Congratulations!  We are writing out classroom Bill of Rights.


Mrs. Reynolds

"St. Casimir School.. a small school with a big heart"